Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stupid Cat

I've never had a stupid cat before. Now I do. Typical orange Garfield like cat.

I let the Child bathe in the luxurious jetted big ole' tub that takes way too much water tonight complete with bubbles. While she was frolicking and generally getting bubbles and water everywhere the cat decided he would take a look from the edge of the tub. The Child starts screaming for MOMMY!!!! Yep, the cat fell in the tub. Stupid cat.

Now, I'm sitting here perusing the Internet and Stupid Vat jumps up on my desk. He is W E T. HUH? Bath time for the Child was almost 4 hours ago. I left the water thinking I *might* warm it up and get in it myself.

Stupid Cat jumped in the tub in the dark.

Do you see me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off? What a visual.


Gail said...

hehehe,Tater,I can see that....and I have the same tub ;o)

Shirla said...

LOL! Poor kitty!