Saturday, October 25, 2008

MISSING - Lost Puppies

Monday or Tuesday of last week I bought a gigantic bag of dog food for the Lost Puppies that had taken up residence on my deck. I'd finished up an old bag of food, a bag of cat food and had been feeding them dinner scraps. I figured, if they are going to stay, they had to eat.

Late Wednesday night Honey came home and brought me a stinkin' cute little puppy. As you can see, the cat is wondering what the heck this thing is! Anyway, the other pups were still outside. I saw them. Honey had a hard time getting up the steps. Thursday pups outside.
I called them on and off all day Thursday and Friday. This is Sunday and still no pups. The Lost Puppies are now MISSING. I hope they found their way home or their Mom came back to get them. We've seen no evidence of them on the road. (Thank heavens!) I did venture to ask Honey if he took them away since he brought the baby dog home and he assured me he did not.
Figures the little stinkers would leave after I bought them 25 lbs. of food!
btw.. Stinkin' cute little puppy is now named Princess Teenie Weenie. awww...


Shirla said...

Princess Teenie Weenie is so cute! Has she and the cat bounded yet? My Yorkie wants to be friends with my cats so bad, but the cats don't want anything to do with her.

Gail said...

Aw,I'm sorry Ruta! Just when you get to accepting the situation,they take off!

Mz. Ruta Baga said...

The cat thinks Princess Teenie Weenie is a play toy. I can't blame the cat entirely though because Teenie chases the cats' tail. So funny to watch. The cat plays OK until he gets the dog rolled up in a ball and has all four paws and many claws around her then a human has to intervene.