Saturday, October 25, 2008

MISSING - Lost Puppies

Monday or Tuesday of last week I bought a gigantic bag of dog food for the Lost Puppies that had taken up residence on my deck. I'd finished up an old bag of food, a bag of cat food and had been feeding them dinner scraps. I figured, if they are going to stay, they had to eat.

Late Wednesday night Honey came home and brought me a stinkin' cute little puppy. As you can see, the cat is wondering what the heck this thing is! Anyway, the other pups were still outside. I saw them. Honey had a hard time getting up the steps. Thursday pups outside.
I called them on and off all day Thursday and Friday. This is Sunday and still no pups. The Lost Puppies are now MISSING. I hope they found their way home or their Mom came back to get them. We've seen no evidence of them on the road. (Thank heavens!) I did venture to ask Honey if he took them away since he brought the baby dog home and he assured me he did not.
Figures the little stinkers would leave after I bought them 25 lbs. of food!
btw.. Stinkin' cute little puppy is now named Princess Teenie Weenie. awww...

Shooting up or The Joy of Self Injection

Did you know insulin has only been around since 1922. Before Dr.Banting discovered insulin the diagnosis of Diabetes was a slow death warrant. Most people died within about 3 years.

I've been pre-diabetic for years. I never needed medication. However, after taking the drug Chantix to help me quit smoking I became a full blown, insulin dependant, diabetic within 6 months. Oh joy.

You learn a lot quickly when you have a health problem that needs immediate and constant attention. There is a whole other language you have to learn. Bolus, cc's, shorts, A1C.. things I'd never heard of before entering the wonderful world of injectable insulin.

Mind you, I am not complaining. Things could be worse.

I've seen the commercials and heard others talk about how horrible it is to have to stick your fingers multiple times a day or give yourself a shot, or multiple shots every day. Really, it isn't so bad. My biggest problem with it right now is remembering to take my insulin BEFORE I put food in my mouth. The shot itself is pretty much a piece of cake. No pun intended. Another problem I encountered this week was being outside the house and having to eat. I didn't take insulin with me. I should have. It's a part of me now and I have to remember and plan and pack insulin whenever I go out. What a bummer. Then you have to go sneak off to the ladies room to shoot up before you can eat. This is a problem in my mind right now too. I wouldn't even change my baby's diaper in a public restroom and now I might have to use that same facility to shoot up in. Ick.

I'm on two different kinds of insulin now. One I take at night is a long acting insulin. A basel, or is it basal, insulin. Basal, that's it. The base insulin. I'm up to 96 units. I know I can go as high as 100 but after that I'm not sure.

The second insulin is a bolus for mealtime. See, any time I eat those good ole' know the GOOD ones.. rice, potato, blood sugar level goes way up. In the long run, this is bad. Now, I take 5 units of a different insulin before I eat and my blood sugar while it rises doesn't go beserk.

Seeing that I am now taking multiple injections I am a candidate for the Insulin pump . I'm not so sure about this. You have to wear it 90% of the time. There is a lot of learning, it seems to me, to be able to succesfully use this because you have to plan for times and activities that could damage the unit. I don't think I will be playing any contact sports anytime soon. Swimming though is a whole 'nother ball game. We play in the water a lot during summer. It has it's advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully I can continue with the multiple injections for now. Seriously, I don't mind being a human pincushion.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sleep or lack thereof.....

I hope I don't appear in the local newspaper tomorrow. If I do, the headline picture will be me laying sprawled on the church lawn in the midst of the pumpkin patch. I can only imagine what the headline will be. I have to go on the Field Trip tomorrow. I promised. I ordered lunch. It better not be peanut butter and jelly Uncrustables.

I hate not sleeping. I can sleep during the day. That's dumb. I'm missing so much. I sleep well during the day, alone, in my bed. No kid kicking me. No man touching me. No toe nails running up the bottom of my feet just when I finally dozed off. No worrying my bad breath will offend anyone else that happens to be in my bed. No worrying that I will turn over and find some other persons stinky breath breathing on me. I know The Child is taken care of in some way, shape or form and I sleep.

I used to get up early, enjoy the sunrise, spend quiet time with nature. I don't know what happened but now I spend my time with creepy crawly night creatures and boogers and things that otherwise go bump in the night. Maybe a
Vampire bat bit me and I didn't notice? No, they are not indigenous to here. That kills that explanation.

Another reason I can't sleep is my SO is not here. That means The Child gets to sleep in my bed. That was the deal. The Child remembers it quite well. I think it's possible it is written in blood somewhere. I wonder how old The Child will be before she stops sleeping with Mommy? Besides The Child sleeping in my bed the absence of my SO makes it hard for me to sleep. That's rather an oxymoron though, isn't it? I can't sleep with him here and I can't sleep without him.

Did I mention to you that he SLAPPED me while I was sleeping soundly, at night like I am supposed to, last week. In fact, he SLAPPED me TWICE. I caught his hand on the second slap as he was coming up for a third and said, "Yes, dear?" He mumbled something then mumbled sorry and turned over. Me.. I was AWAKE again. I looked at him for an explanation the next morning and he said he was dreaming about kids misbehaving. He said he told them to stop and they didn't so he was going to spank them. Scared the bejeebers out of me.

Another reason I can't sleep is because I apparently am obsessed with TMID. The drama unfolding now, which I won't mention here, has swirled the viciously sharp fragments of shattered dreams and broken promises into a whirlwind that slashes at my brain when I get out of my
Bubble here on the computer and I CAN'T SLEEP. But that is a whole 'nuther can of worms for at least two more blog posts!

Stupid Cat

I've never had a stupid cat before. Now I do. Typical orange Garfield like cat.

I let the Child bathe in the luxurious jetted big ole' tub that takes way too much water tonight complete with bubbles. While she was frolicking and generally getting bubbles and water everywhere the cat decided he would take a look from the edge of the tub. The Child starts screaming for MOMMY!!!! Yep, the cat fell in the tub. Stupid cat.

Now, I'm sitting here perusing the Internet and Stupid Vat jumps up on my desk. He is W E T. HUH? Bath time for the Child was almost 4 hours ago. I left the water thinking I *might* warm it up and get in it myself.

Stupid Cat jumped in the tub in the dark.

Do you see me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off? What a visual.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grandiloquent Gibberish

I've been coerced to blog. I've had my arm twisted. I am now...........a blogger.
This is a tad overwhelming. People, REAL PEOPLE, will read my blog. And, hopefully comment.
What could a yellow root vegetable have to say that anyone would want to read?

I'm not political. In fact, I rarely keep up with current events. I'm not savvy or suave. I'm no Hot Tamale. More like a Soggy Tortilla. :) I DO have a brain though. Somewhere. At least I used to. I used it a lot and I may have used a lot of it up.

We shall see what transpires.