Monday, November 17, 2008

Gibberish Volumn 2

So today, I go to the doctors' office for blood work. I called ahead and told them I *think* I am having an allergic reaction to some meds the doc gave me Friday, could they squeeze me in around my lab time. Nope. I can wait around an hour after my lab time and they *might* be able to squeeze me in then. I left a message for the doc to call me. Her nurse was waiting for me when I got there. I think my bitching has made an impression. :) It was determined I was not having an allergic reaction but that my "infection" (in my ear) was worse and causing other symptoms. OOOOoooooooo K. If you say so. They changed my script for the antibiotic anyway.

The list of side effects of the antibiotic I was taking, which BTW I had never taken before, were as long as your arm. The rare side effects included things I was experiencing. SOMETHING was causing an allergic reaction yesterday and some today. I thought it was a burlap sack of potato's that had been brought into the kitchen. I was standing at the sink peeling taters. My sister was in the shower off the kitchen. All of the sudden all I can smell is her body wash and I start sneezing. I thought someone had sprayed air freshener which is a NO NO around here. I have not had an asthma attack in forever and a day but I had one grand one yesterday. A couple puffs on an inhaler and I did feel better. Chest still felt funny this morning. I was having some symptoms before the asthma attack. I'm not really sure now what triggered it but I am putting my bet on the new antibiotic. What was it you ask? Avelox.
Drug Information for Avelox Oral - WebMD

I met with a man today who reminded me of Bull on Night Court, but smarter. :) He works for the company that will be supplying my insulin pump. It may be a month before I actually get it, but, I agreed to give it a try. My AIC, though high at 8.9, was lower than it was 3 months ago. It's been really, really hard to get it to 8.9. I am NOT watching my food like I should. I love to eat and carbs, which turn into sugar, are my downfall. There is another patient in my doc's office whose AIC was over 12.0, He agreed to the insulin pump and within 45 days his AIC is within normal range. What's an AIC? AIC is a 3 month average of blood sugar.

Some of my labs came back today. My female hormones.. the doc said.. I am almost there. I am ASSumeing that means in or through menopause. :-\ AF has been here for at least a month if not more and I could bite the heads off nails. Menopause makes me sad. I always wanted children and never could have but the one, God Bless her. Menopause (among a multitude of other health problems) is the end of the dreams of having children to me. Oh well. God knows what He is doing. :)

A funny note, The Child was playing with the cat wand tonight pretending it was HER wand. She asked me what I wanted and I told her... a million dollars!! She looked at the wand, looked back at me and saidin a seriously deadpan voice......I don't think my wand has that. :::thud:::

Funny child.

She also got her first progress report. She had checks beside everything except one. The one was highlighted in orange and that signified she needed extra help on it. She needs extra help on knowing what a nickle is and how much it is worth. I think we can handle that... :)

She is such a good reader. I am so proud of her!!

I got called a bitch this week. By a stranger!! I have a very dry sense of humor. A girl cut in front of me in the line for customer service. She coyly turned around and looking over my head asked someone behind me .."Oh, are ya'll in line? Well, I just need to use the phone." @@ Whatever. she was young. Teenagerishly young. My turn to the cashier, and she had to stop what she was doing with me to fix the phone so the girl could call out. She made her call, apparently got no answer and while the cashier was taking care of my returns the girl caught our eyes and in an angelic faced, sweet voice said, "My husband left me here." Well...... I couldn't resist and I asked her, "On purpose???" and giggled. I was looking for the return sticker on her. The cashier asked if she wanted to call a cab. The girl rolled her eyes and called us bitches. LOL I said to her, HEY ...that wasn't nice. We WERE trying to help! I don't know what she mumbled when she walked off. The cashier and I just looked at each other and laughed. I said, "I KNOW why her husband left her here!!!"

That is my gibberish for today. I have friends that have received blessings and still need more and other friends that are waiting on blessings so I will say keep Mz. Ruta Baga's friends in your thoughts if you are so inclined. God knows what they need. :)


TronWife said...

I can think of a few people now and then that I'd like to leave

I hope the insulin pump helps get you on an even keel.

Shirla said...

Ms Ruta...Please come to my blog and pick up your award. :)

Gail said...

Ruta!!!! I don't know whether to laugh or cry! First,good luck with the pump,and Don't be afraid!! Second,please kiss your mini baga for me,and tell her she is doing great,and there are a lot of Adults who don't know the worth of a dollar,she will learn in time o)