Sunday, December 14, 2008

Too helpful.......

How helpful is TOO FREAKIN' HELPFUL?

I'm getting pissed off. And, yes, it's about my sister. I know how some of you feel about her and that's ok I feel about her that way too sometimes but she is still my sister and I have to deal for awhile. SO...if you don't want to hear my whiney assed vent leave now. :)

Maybe I am just crabby and hormonal. You be the judge. Why is it when I need her to do something she doesn't do it or is too busy but when I say *I* have to do "X" she jumps right in and gets in my way and try's to do whatever it is?

I've been craving a chicken sandwich. Last night, no one could decide what was for supper except pasta salad. She asked what I wanted. I said a Wendy's chicken sandwich. Just because I want something doesn't mean I'm going to get it, kwim? She offered to go get one. A conversation ensued. I asked if she was going just for me or if she was going to eat something from there too. She said she would eat something too. She failed to tell me I was buying HERS too. It cost me $15 for a chicken sandwich, a chicken nugget meal and a Coke. She said I almost didn't get a Coke because she didn't have enough money. :-\ Gee, thanks for going for me.

Em brought home a wish list from school for her teacher gift. I was going to take Emily shopping so she could pick out some thing(s) for her teacher, but noooooooooooooooooo Carol went shopping and "picked up" something from the list for Emily to give the teacher.

Honey and I have been on the search for that special something for Em for Christmas. Irritating but also rather fun for Honey and I because we were working together to find it and had agreed on this gift together. I mentioned *I* needed to call around to see if I could find one because I was afraid ordering it online it wouldn't get here until the 24th and no way am I going out on the 24th to pick up a gift. So, what does she do? SHE calls while Em and I are still asleep this morning. When we got up she "whispers" to me (loudly) while Em is in the room THAT THING YOU WANTED TO BUY IS AT XXX STORE. THEY ONLY HAVE ONE. @@ My child is 6, smart and has two ears. Don't "whisper" in front of her. So now I'm also guilt-ed into letting HER go get it "since she was going out anyway today and they only have one, you better get it today before someone buys it..". Side note.. she went all the way to Walmart and they didn't have it. hahahahah I knew they didn't have it.

Honey has been gone since Friday morning. He left me a laid fireplace in case we got cold. We try to burn the fireplace and save on gas. Well, it hasn't been *that* cold so I haven't lit it. That is, until yesterday. I got chilly and attempted to light it and it refused and I gave up and put on more clothes instead. Carol asked if I wanted her to start it. No.. it's ok, I put on more clothes. This morning I get up and she is in here trying to light the fire. I asked...if you are going out why are you lighting the fire? It isn't really cold in here and I'm fixing to turn the oven on. Her answer, she was just lighting it for me and Em. @@ It's 69 degrees in here and I'm fixing to light the oven.. umm.. we don't *NEED* a fire or to waste firewood.

Day before yesterday I had Em pick up all her dirty clothes and put them IN the washer. I was going to add to it and wash a load of clothes. I didn't complete that task Friday. Well, Saturday morning, Carol starts washing clothes. She knew I had some in the washer. Did she ask me about them? NO. She added her own clothes to it, didn't look to see what was in there, and washed them I didn't know about it until she had them all in the dryer. Now, number one, I won't wash anything with my sister's clothes. I'm Number two, I had Em's NEW RED Christmas shirt in there. Thankfully it did not fade. However, it was NOT supposed to go in the dryer. We had words over this and she got pissed at ME. Excuse me...........AND, if you are effing going to wash *my* laundry then YOU put the damn stuff away. As it is now, I have to go clean the top of the washer and dryer off AGAIN and put away clothes that she half assed folded. Thanks too...I wanted *my* things hung up. Now they need to be ironed. I don't iron.

Now I find out my nephew, who is 30 something, is spending the night Christmas Eve. Why, you ask? Because he misses his Mommy and doesn't want to wake up alone Christmas morning. I could understand this last year because it was his first year being on his own and the first Christmas without his Father. I had no problem with it. But gimmee a break. he is driving all the way down here, spending the night then they are taking two vehicles back to his area for Christmas day. What a waste of gas. Why not spend the night with your sister and her hubby since that is where you are going the next day anyway???

And, why is there never anything in the damn pantry that I bought to put up in case I wanted to make something??? WHY? I bought a bottle of molasses not too long ago. I reach in there to get it and it is effing half gone. Where are my butterscotch baking chips?? I KNOW I bought some. And, why is the HALF bag of chocolate chips now a QUARTER of a bag? Dammit I'm tired of this. *I* am the one buying the groceries now and I'm not even getting a damn check anymore because of someone else's screw up at Social Security. She pays "rent" now so she figures she doesn't need to pay some on the groceries too. She buys a few things, not even close to a third or even a fourth of what is bought. (fourth if you count Em as a whole person) But, I digress...

So, this is my vent. I'm sick and tired of this but yet I can't toss her out. Spring.. she will..WILL...W I L L .......move come Spring. I hope I am pg. That way I can tell her I have to have the room for the baby. Not that I'd ever put the baby back there but I'd say that anyway.


OK..So, am I a bitch or what?


Shirla said...

{{{{{{{{Ruta}}}}}}}}}}} You are not a bitch!

Mz. Ruta Baga said...

Thank you! :)