Monday, December 15, 2008


Back at the Barnyard. Innocent sounding cartoon, right? This is the description of today's program.

Snotty Boy is knocked unconscious while terrorizing the barnyard; Snotty Boy captures Pip in one of his mouse traps and plans on feeding him to his pet snake.

Were there never descriptions of Road Runner or Bugs Bunny? Tom and Jerry? Foghorn Leghorn? Now those were barnyard antics! I never remember cartoons being so violent as the ones that are on now. They were. Don't get me wrong. One can only take an anvil to the head so many times! Tom has way more than nine lives. The description above just struck me funny this morning. Up until now I have had complete control over what Em watches while she is home because she didn't know how to use the remote control. That time is She still has lots to learn about it but it won't be long. Thankfully right now she only knows one channel and that is the "good" cartoon channel!


Gail said...

I had no idea cartoon s had descriptions ! I'm gonna go look :o) and,good luck keeping Mz E on the good cartoon channelo) :o)

Tater said...

Thank you :) She still only watches the "good" cartoons. Mostly Sprout. She thinks it is a big treat to get to watch Sponge Bob. I loathe him.

TronWife said...

I miss all those cartoons. I was lucky and Brice was into Scooby Doo a lot when he was little, it was his favorite. He watched some other weird stuff, but nothing too bad. Now, on the other hand, some very odd cartoons on in primetime.